The Welcome + WOW Email Strategy Roadmap

Are You Ready to Turn Your Email Welcome Sequence Into a Purchasing Powerhouse?

You might have heard how important it is to build your email list because social stats rock, but it's like renting space.

Plus you may have also heard that writing a welcome sequence is really great inbox etiquette. But figuring out what to say and when to say it is overwhelming.

So the people signing up for that opt-in you poured sleep, sweat, and your Starbucks budget into get your masterpiece delivered, and.............. then................... are dropped into the internet abyss of nothingness.

Until it is time to let them in on the best deal ever, *cough*.

Then they unsubscribe. (Facepalm emoji). And you're left with the post-send regrets of I-just-ghosted-my-list-and-then-tried-to-sell-them-so-now-I-feel-like-a-shady-used-car-salesperson.

Good news... this situation is 5000% fixable.

With the right strategy and a little elbow grease, you can turn your welcome sequence words into a captivating introduction to your creative brand that transforms those lead magnets into purchasing pathways that build your list AND your bottom line.

Your customers aren't mindreaders. They need you to welcome them in and take them from opt-ins to options.  And this roadmap has turn-by-turn navigation to get you there. It's time to Welcome & WOW your way to building a business that thrives.


  • A Breakdown of Basic Terminology because email marketing is another language and I don't want term confusion to add to the overwhelm.
  • My General Welcome Sequence Template that walks you through the key components of writing your general foundation laying welcome sequence.
  • W+W Purchasing Pathway Sketchbook Pages that help you turn your opt-ins into purchasing pathways by using targeted custom welcome sequences.
  • 6 Walkthrough Videos where I personally walk you through the key sections of the roadmap because templates should come with training & a cheer team.
    • You get more compressed resolution actual video files included in your download so if your internet is ever sketchy you can still access the information.
    • Plus you get 6-linked higher resolution videos that have transcripts created and hosted in Loom.
  • The Welcome + WOW Purchasing Pathway Planner helps you keep all your opt-in and strategy pieces organized (using Google Sheets)
  • The Welcome + WOW Welcome Sequence Messaging Planner helps you keep your messaging cohesive and effective (using Google Sheets)
  • Future Updates of this Product
Delivered as an instantly downloadable zipped file. No physical product is included.

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