The Creative Business RESET Framework™️

What if Today Could Be the Start of a Whole New Year for Your Business?

You don't have to wait until January 1st to reset your business strategy.  I know New-Year-New-Business-You overwhelms your inbox at the turn of the year,


As a business strategist, let me tell ya... a new year starts whenever you say that it does. 

And this is the exact framework I use to help my strategy clients get clarity on how to grow their businesses. It's also what I use to assess and reset my own business.

This framework comes with prompts and coaching questions, worksheets, and even a masterclass walkthrough of the sections with personal encouragement from yours truly.

If you:

  • Feel so far behind you'll never catch up because your Insta feed is a constant video pushing perfection
  • Are overwhelmed with figuring out what you should focus on or even where to get started.
  • Don't know the questions to ask to get the actionable answers you need
  • Are tired of fluffy 3 page PDFs that bring the pretty but not the pragmatic.
  • Want to move forward with confidence, clarity, and the flexibility these times need.

You, my friend, are in the right place.


  • My Signature Love + Learn™ Reflection Framework you can use to track progress and really get to the heart of what matters and how to use your experience as a springboard for change.
  • Why Picking a Word for the Year Isn't Always Enough to get you where you want to go and what to do instead.
  • The 8Ps of Assessing and Shaping Your Creative Business, complete with the exact questions we would cover if you were one of my 4-figure strategy clients.
  • A Masterclass Broken Up Into 4 Walkthrough Videos where I personally walk you through the key areas of this framework.
    • You get links to more compressed resolution actual video files included in your download so if your internet is ever sketchy you can still access the information. (I'd totally download these and keep them on a backup drive for a rainy day.)
    • Plus you get the higher resolution streaming video of the Mini Masterclass with transcript created and hosted in Loom.
  • Two Original Notion Templates (the Love + Learn exercise and the 8Ps Business Deep Dive) so you can answer them digitally and always have them on hand. Notion.so is a free planning app that combines powerful databases that are so pretty they are Pin-worthy. I've transitioned all my business planning and content management. It syncs across your devices and is virtually seamless. Did I mention it's FREE?
  • An Introduction to Planning by Quarter and how I have adapted a 90-day year concept, complete with my tried-and-true printable paper quarterly planning calendars.
  • Future Updates of this Product
Delivered as instantly downloadable digital files. No physical product is included.